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Sitting in a bad posture for long hours can slowly cause a host of significant health problems. One of the best solutions to avoid all of this trouble is by getting yourself the best standing up desk to work at. Here I reveal the top four most-loved standing desks you can buy so you can enjoy the benefits of a standing workstation.

Should you choose an adjustable or non-adjustable desk?

Do you have to share your desk with someone else who’s a different height than you are? Then you’ll need an adjustable desk to suit both of you. Plus, you might also want an adjustable desk if you still want to sit down occasionally too.

On the other hand, sometimes a non-adjustable desk can feel more stable. If you’re the only one using the desk, then it only needs to be at the perfect height for you. However, maybe you discover that you need the desk a little higher or lower after you get it. Then its fixed height becomes a problem. You need to be entirely sure of the height you need before buying a non-adjustable desk.

Standing desks come in several categories:

1. Choose from different materials in your desk like laminates, metals, plastics, steel or wood.

2. Select different colors and styles. The most-common shades are white, black, brown or gray. Some come in different shapes too.

3. Some desks are freestanding, or you can get a bargain if you buy a cheaper standing desk converter.

When you’re searching for the best standing up desk to work at, start narrowing down your choices according to the size you need. First, look at everything that you need to put on your desk. Lay it all out on the floor with the kind of spacing you want on your desk. Then you can measure how big your desktop should be to accommodate your stuff.

Do you have a limited amount of space to fit the desk into within your office? Then get a smaller standing up desk Ikea style with multiple shelves and drawers that make the most use of your small space. Additionally, there are many standing desk converters that can turn any desk into a standing desk for you.

1. The Safco Products brand model 1201BE “Alphabetter” Standing Desk is one of the best choices for students and young adults.

The designers of this desk built it as the ideal option for young students to use in the classroom. It won the endorsement of the Global Educator Institute Seal. They received this seal after a panel of teachers reviewed this desk in a variety of classes throughout America. They agreed that this desk helps students learn better. It supports better posture. This type of desk also keeps people alert and focused so that they’ll get the most out of their classes.

Extra safety features of this desk include a fire-resistant, thermoplastic laminate top. Plus, it has no sharp edges anywhere. The tabletop is also extra durable. You could use it even in a science class since it’s both chemical and impact-resistant.

Features And Specifications:

  • This standing up desk has a Kydex 3D thermoplastic-laminate finish.
  • The black frame is steel with a beige-colored top made of medium-density fiberboard.
  • It weighs 33 pounds.
  • The total desk surface available on top is 28 inches wide by 20 inches deep.
  • The desktop also has built-in grooves on three edges of the top to stop pencils and pens from rolling off of the desk.
  • You can also choose to get the larger model with a top of 36 by 24 inches if you need more desk space.
  • You can adjust the desk’s height from a minimum of 26 inches to a maximum of 42 inches.
  • One large, open shelf is below it for books, bags, and other personal accessories. The lower shelf is 26 inches wide by 8 inches deep.
  • The legs of the desk have adjustable, nylon levelers in the base. It’s easy to move without damaging most floors. The levelers also help stabilize the desk on slightly uneven surfaces.
  • The patented Swinging Pendulum Footrest Bart, or “Fidget Bar,” below serves as a footrest. It’s also a concentration tool to help kids release pent-up energy without distracting others in the class or elsewhere.
  • This desk has a lifetime warranty.
  • All of the tools that you need to assemble the desk come with it.

You can check the current price of this standing up desk on Amazon at this link.

2. The Stand Up Desk Store’s crank-adjustable, sit-to-stand-up desk has a heavy-duty steel frame.

You can raise and lower this desk using the included hand crank. You can mount the hand crank on either side of the table to accommodate right or left-handed people. This desktop is very easy to clean too. If you get the model with the white top, it can double as a dry-erase board when you need to make quick, handwritten notes. You can use it well without the wheel casters as well if you know that you won’t move the desk around once it’s all set up.

Features and Specifications:

  • You can adjust the height anywhere from the minimum of 29.5 inches to 45.25 inches maximum.
  • The desktop surface is 2.45 feet deep by 3.93 feet wide, giving you lots of space for your computer, all your research papers, speakers, computer accessories and more!
  • It has four wheels on the bottom so that you can move it around quickly in your home or office.
  • The teak-wood desktop surface is highly durable and complements almost any room, especially those with earth-tone colors.
  • The steel frame has a powder-coat, painted finish.
  • This desk weighs 98 pounds.
  • Its construction is so sturdy that it can support up to 154 pounds.

To learn more about it and check the current prices, visit this standing up desk Amazon link.

3. The KNOTTEN brand standing desk in white-birch wood is an affordable option from IKEA.

We love how this standing desk has the feeling of a traditional writing desk. It’s small enough to fit almost anywhere without getting in the way, and it’s still just big enough for your desk essentials. Keep your calendars, keys, mail and smart devices efficiently organized together all in one place. You’ll love how it’s straightforward to assemble. Because it’s all solid wood, you’re getting high-quality materials at an unbeatable price.

Features and Specifications:

  • Its overall dimensions are a total 3.45 feet tall by about 2.5 feet wide.
  • The total desk space on top is 20.5 inches wide by 16.87 inches deep.
  • This desk can support up to 22 pounds of total weight.
  • It has an extra open shelf underneath the desktop. Plus, you get two larger shelves beneath the
  • drawers for larger items. Keep backpacks or other computer-hardware units here.
  • You get two drawers for extra hidden storage that are perfect for letter-size documents.
  • The two charging stations built into the top help contain your cables and keep them off of your desktop surface so that they’re out of your way.
  • Two hooks on the side let you hang those little things you always want to grab quickly, like keys, headphones, spare cables or small purses.
  • This standing desk looks great in rooms with light-colored, modern decor because of its neutral shade of solid birch wood.
  • It has a slightly tinted, clear acrylic lacquer finish to protect it from the typical wear and tear of most desks.

Read more about this great desk at this standing up desk IKEA link.

4. The VIVO brand model DESK-V000B, height-adjustable standing desk with a sit-to-stand, gas-spring riser converter creates a 36-inch tabletop workstation for two monitors.

Sometimes you just want a converter to turn the desk that you already have a standing up desk to work at. People love how this model is suitable for people of almost any height, whether you’re 5’4″ or 6’2″ tall. Plus, it’s very sturdy and durable. Just lock it in place once you reach the perfect position, and it’s not going anywhere.

Features and Specifications:

  • The total dimensions are 3.5 feet by 2.25 feet by 9 inches.
  • Its adjustable height ranges from 6.5 inches to 16 inches tall.
  • The top shelf for laptops is 3 feet wide by 22 inches deep, and it has a hole in it to secure a cable from a monitor that runs down to your power outlet.
  • Keep your keyboard and mouse on the lower tier that’s 28 inches wide by 9 inches deep, which is at the ideal level to give your wrists ergonomically correct support.
  • The steel frame houses a gas spring that supports up to 37.5 pounds.
  • Its classic, solid-black color from top to bottom resists stains.
  • This converter weighs just 54 pounds.
  • The solid construction ensures that it always remains stable while you’re working.

Read more about this desk converter at this standing up desk amazon link.



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