Best Standing Desks Right Now

In this post, we strictly consider the best standing up desks to work at that are not adjustable and currently leading the market.

Best Standing Desks Based on Customer Delight and Sales

After going through the mountain and variety of evidence that clearly outlines how terrible sitting can claim your health, now you have officially decided that you must purchase a standing desk.

There are varieties of standing workstations that are available in the market. It is also wise to consider the extent of work surface that you require before purchasing these standing desks. This is more crucial for those who usually suffer from the carpal tunnel pain or other injuries.

The best-selling standing desks are guaranteed to offer high-quality ergonomics, even if you have various injuries…

The following are some of the best-selling and best-reviewed stand-up workstations you will find anywhere…

  1. The Safco Products 1201BE Alphabetter Standing Desk

The Safco Products 1201BE model desk has received an endorsement from the Global Educator Institute Seal. The standing desk’s top is usually covered with an incredibly durable 3D thermoplastic laminate that is chemical, fire and impact resistant This workstation is primarily designed for students, particularly in grade 3-12.

Features And Specifications of 1201BE Model

  • Finish/Paint: Kydex 3D thermoplastic laminate or Black Powder Coatwoman smiling standing at safeco products 1201be alphabetter stand up desk
  • Shelf Dimension: 26″W X 8″ D
  • Top Dimensions: 28″W X 20″ D
  • Top Material: Medium Density Fiberboard
  • Base Material: Steel
  • Black Frame and Beige Top
  • 33 Pounds In Weight
  • Lifetime Warranty

Furthermore, this workstation also assists in correcting your posture using the patented pendulum footrest fidget bar that swings. With this exclusively patented footrest bar, you will have an incredible new way to work. Some of the options that are sold separately include the Alphabetter Book Box Model 1212BL.

For most students, the daily classroom life usually involved trying to sit still, diverting all their focus away from learning.

But, with the Safco 1201BE Alphabetter standing desk, they will be able to stand up without distracting their teachers or classmates and of course, potentially improving their overall concentration as well as performance.

Benefits and Highlight of 1201BE

  1. The top of the desk is durable, fire, chemical, and impact resistant
  2. The lower phenolic shelf offers additional storage for students
  3. It has a Swinging Pendulum Footrest Bar
  4. It corrects your posture
  5. Greengard Certified
  6. All the tools needed for assembly are included

Similar to what is available in the media, the Alphabetter Standing desk combined with the Footrest Bar usually contributes to achieving an active classroom environment. This allows the students to stand and also move while they learn and work. The entire class motion assists in burning excess calories and energy while potentially improving the student’s focus. The movement and flexibility also enable the students to naturally fidget to provide an action they could not get, especially during recess, physical education classes, or at home.

Learn More About the Safco Alphabetter Standing Desk Here


  1. Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desktop Desk

Do you want to be more productive in your office when standing rather than sitting? Well, then you have to add this standing desktop desk in your office from the Stand Up desk Store, on top of the standing desk workstation.

This stand-up desk consists of 32-inches of the surface area that is wide enough, particularly for your documents, computer, and other accessories…

The four legs are not just stable and vigorous; they are also built from aluminum to make sure that the desk is durable.

In fact, you can expect to use this for more years. The overall instructions for setting up this standing desk are straightforward and easy to follow. It is possible to assemble everything by yourself within some minutes and only eight screws involved.

The desk also improves your overall body posture, and you will also enjoy the various approach of working at the office or home when using this affordable as well as a durable standing-up desk.

Features and Specificationsyoung man enjoys working at his Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desktop Desk

  • Four telescoping, sturdy legs made from aluminum for improved durability of  the product
  • Surface area measurement: 32″W X 23.5.”
  • Easy to assemble and comes with eight screws
  • Support Healthy Living
  • The Standing Desktop Desk helps your overall healthy living.

In fact, it effortlessly converts your workstation from sitting to a standing desk. This enables you to achieve countless long-lasting health benefits.

This Standing Desktop usually creates enough workspace. It consists of 32” surface area to provide a spacious desktop for your keyboard, monitor, and mouse with some extra room to spare. Also, you will get additional space under the stand-up workstation…

If you want to find out whether this workstation can improve your work productivity, just consider purchasing this standing desk. Stand up desk work develops the desk, and it is one of the best desks available in the market.

This desktop standing desk is gaining popularity due to its affordability and durability. It is designed to assist you to work more enthusiastically, and also offer various health benefits you can never get while sitting.

This standing desk from Stand Up Desk Store has been continuously changing the way most people work in their respective offices. It is not expensive compared to other desk brands that provide the same quality…

Another reason why most people purchase this product is due to its simplicity. It is simple and straightforward. There is no need to be confused when assembling since it is easy and quick enough for you to put it together.

Learn More About the Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desktop Desk Here


  1. Spark By Ergodriven | The Incredible “Start Standing Now” Standing Desk

Standing Desks need not be complicated. The best standing desk is the one you start using as sooner as possible. They should not be complex at all, feature rich or even metal.

Also, they should not be too expensive, and the Spark converter is likely the least expensive, particularly compared to all Varidesk alternatives that are available in the market. However, just because it does not cost you more, it does not mean that it is cheap. It is full of incredible features.

This cardboard masterpiece is incredibly beautiful. The entire standing desk is well designed and masterfully constructed to cater for your needs. Of all the alternatives of Varidesk available in the market, the Spark is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to get to standing work.

Do not allow that fact that it is cardboard fool you, the following are some of the features accompanied by this standing desk.

Features and Specifications of Spark Desk

  • Unique and extraordinary: No wobble design-build from cardboard
  • Monitor/laptop stand with keyboard and mouse tray
  • Three different sizes to fit people in various heights
  • Elegant, straightforward and fast way to start your standing work

The two levels of Spark arrangement offers support surfaces for your mouse or keyboard and the monitor. This means that your shoulders, back, neck and wrists can all be in a healthy position at all times when you are working at this standing workstation. It has an incredibly intelligent origami-style cardboard design creates an excellently sharp desk.

In fact, do not look it just with your eyes, it is strong and can easily support even heavy all-in-one computer and never shakes or wobbles during the work. Once you grab your Spark standing desk, you will immediately notice that it is stable and strong…

Whenever you are using a laptop, an all-in-one computer, or a monitor, it will support your work and more importantly, your active and healthy lifestyle.

The Spark standing desk has a custom-color finished as well as double-wall corrugated cardboard that is incredibly perfect material for an excellent “Start Standing Now” desk.

The desk ships flat in order to reduce the carbon footprint and expenses.

However, the assembly process is swift, fun and easy. Once you are done assembling the desk, you will get an attractive, ergonomic and stable standing desk at a shockingly low price.

It is also possible to select your size depending on your height. You can choose Under 5’4″=Small, 5’4-5’11″=Medium, or Over 5’11″=Large.

Read about my personal experience with the Spark Desk.

  1. Stand Steady Original Standing Desk

You have a knowledge of how it feels to work while standing and started to like that idea of its overall health benefits but you don’t need to commit to it entirely or spend over $500 for a standing desk.

The next best option for you is to convert your existing desk to a standing desk. Is this possible?..

Well, using Stand Steady Original Desk, it is possible…

If you are searching for an affordable and trustworthy way to convert your existing home or office desk, the best option is Stand Steady Original Standing Desk.

It is a heavy-duty work surface that has a set of robust and durable legs to rest on top of your current desk.

The Stand Steady Original Standing Desk is an excellent start-up desk since it is an inexpensive way to get the transition from your current sitting to standing, especially when you are working.

The desk is small and compact to the all-purpose workstation.

It is ready-made for your existing desk. The Stand Steady Original Standing Desk’s versatile and simplistic design allows you to put it on the top of any furniture or fixture.

Features and specifications of Stand Steady Original Standing Desk

  • Taller design: The Taller original Standing Desk has six preset heights.
  • Large Ergonomic surface: it has a smooth desktop surface with 23.5 X 20.”
  • High-quality and sturdy to hold up to 75 pounds
  • Alleviated back and neck pain
  • Footprint: 15 X 15″
  • Desk Legs: Aluminum legs with snap buttons

The Stand Steady Original Standing Desk is designed in a manner that it will fit in your cube correctly. It is also large enough to hold your keyboard, monitor, mouse and more. It is also possible to set up a rest station along with the desk to take some standing breaks…

The Desk’s modern and simple design enables it to fit into any style or set up. In fact, it is easy to place it on your existing desk and of course, enjoy your overall healthier lifestyle.

This desk has received some praise for its high-quality and affordability.

Despite that it does not have any keyboard tray, it has a vast space that is enough for your keyboard and computer.

It consists of over 3 square feet of the surface of the standing desk, which enables you to put other useful accessories like a printer.

Learn More About the Stand Steady Original Standing Desk Here


If you are looking to experience the benefits of standing desks, you cannot go wrong with any of these well-loved products. If you like this post, please feel free to share it with your friends or leave a comment below, thanks!




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