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It is healthy for you to spend some hours engaging yourself in some exercises such as standing. Sit-stand adjustable desks are becoming increasingly popular as a way and perfect technique to assist mitigate against the adverse or side effects of sitting for a prolonged period.

This is the core reason why I have decided to make you aware of the best adjustable standing desk on the market.

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 is an incredibly advanced adjustable sit-stand desk that you require to avoid many hours of sitting and spend most of your time standing and working in a comfortable office. It has come to my attention that selecting the best standing desk, particularly the adjustable standing or sit-stand desk, is not an easy task…

Most people typically look at the appearance of the office and forgot to evaluate the performance and functionality of the entire system.

It is wise to note that when you are selecting the best standing or adjustable desk, the whole performance, durability, set-up or assembling, functionality, design, and of course, the cost of the desk are vital factors to consider.

World's Most Affordable Sit to Stand Desk

Move to the perfect heights just by a single press!

Posted by Autonomous: Smart Office on Friday, October 6, 2017

The Autonomous SmartDesk2 is a desk that remembers 4 of your favorite sitting and standing positions. This desk enables you to change its position automatically, effortlessly and quickly. This desk is not expensive compared to other adjustable desks that are available in the market…

It is available with many options such as the large desk surface to 70 X 30-inches, to a custom desk platform which consists of a solid plank of wood. It is an excellent product from Autonomous and may have two frames, namely, the Home Edition (Single Motor) and the Business Edition (Dual Motors). All these adjustable standing desks from Autonomous have five years warrant, so you do not have to worry. In this review, we are going to look at the Business Edition Frame which features XL Classic Surface, and dual motors.

The following are the features and performances of the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Business Edition Frame…

Features of Autonomous SmartDesk2

Set Up

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 configuration is shipped in two packages. One package is meant for the desktop and the other for the frame. This enables the company to separate the stock from the desktops and the frames excellently. On opening your package, you will notice that there it does not have a lot of parts to the entire desk since the design is quite simple.

In fact, if you are experienced in the arts of IKEA Furniture building, this is easy for you to put together, even without using the instruction manual. However, the setup instruction manual is provided for those people who require it. Once you put together the standing desk frames, the frames can be attached to the desktop through pre-drilled holes.

The Autonomous SmartDesk2 also includes some rubber grommets that are used to prevent the damages to your desktop…

Furthermore, to operate the dual motors, the company offers a control module alongside with a power supply cable which is plugged into the power source.

The SmartDesk2 from the Autonomous also consists of the pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the frames that are attached to the desktop for secure attachment. Also, for the cable management, the product includes several cable ties for the essential control of the cables.

The desk is customizable, and it is possible can add some more things to make this desk smart enough for you.


Using this Autonomous SmartDesk2 standing desk is straightforward. In fact, the control module of this adjustable sit/stand desk consists of an Up and down arrow that assist you to adjust the height of the office upward and downward respectively. It also includes four programmable presets (1, 2, 3, 4) which enables you to adjust the entire height of the sit/stand desk automatically and to preset the heights.

The desk also includes a program button for the programming preset. Most of the Autonomous SmartDesk2 starts at a minimum height of approximately 25.1 inches. They are capable of up to a maximum height of around 50.7 inches up.

Regarding the module control, it typically takes the Autonomous SmarDesk2 an approximate time of ten seconds to move from its minimum height and attain the maximum height, and another estimated period of ten seconds to run the desk surface from its maximum height and achieve the minimum height.

However, the movement of this standing desk depends on the weight of the desk surface as it may take a slightly longer time for it to reach its maximum height, especially when it has a lot of pressure placed on the table compared to when it does not have any influence to carry.

The Autonomous SmartDesk2 configuration together with the Business Edition frame can carry a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. The desk is also very stable and requires a bit of effort to tip this table over, even if it has attained its maximum height.

Design and durability

The Autonomous SmartDesk2 is accompanied with a variety of colors for you to select. It is possible to mix match the material for your desk surface with the entire complexion of your platform.

The Autonomous Company gives you a chance to pick from an array of surface styles that range from bamboo to walnut and pair your selection with the white, black or gray platform. The white surface is the best paired with the white platform since it is immaculate and provides a modern taste.

Since the measurement of this standing desk are 30-inches deep and 70-inches in length, and it has a lifting capacity of roughly 300 pounds maximum, this generous size of the standing desk enables to fit keyboard, two computers or a desktop and a laptop, mouse, and any other desk accessories you may require and still have enough space to write.

The SmartDesk2 blend in well with your mid-century modern style furniture and seating that you have in your office…

It has a simplistic and modern design with a smooth and clean white surface. The stands or legs of this adjustable standing desk are also white with a substantial industrial bearing for easy adjustment. In fact, just by looking at its appearance, you will discover that it is durable. The top surface of the SmartDesk2 is thick, and legs are strong and sturdy. This prevents any possible wobbling. It consists of three stainless steel cord holes at the top, which are necessary for keeping the cord neat.



  • 26 Inch Adjustable Range
  • The Five Years Warranty covers Electronic
  • Incredibly fast Adjustable Speed
  • Great Packaging
  • Easy Set up and Assembling
  • Have a Control Module
  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial



  • Stability may be an Issue Above 37 Inches

Honest & Helpful Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Review

In conclusion, it is not right to prolong the period of sitting the entire day. Exercise is also a treatment. The Autonomous SmartDest2 is just a welcome and a helping hand to your entire work area. It is durablehas clean linesand well-executed height adjustability. This innovative and sleek standing desk will remain your workstation for the foreseeable future.

Convinced the Smartdesk 2 is the Best Standing Desk for You? Get Your 30-Day Trial Here and Work Smarter.




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